SSME distribution (version 1.1, 03-30-2021)

The SSME platform is a front-end to the Signal Toolbox in the Eclipse environment. It requires the Polychrony SignalToolBox for compiling SSME models.

This distribution has been tested on Eclipse Modeling Tools 2020-06 and 2020-09 Eclipse version(s).


All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement unless otherwise specified.


The SSME environment must be installed into an existing Eclipse (Eclipse Modelling Tools). To install (using the "Help->Install New Software..." dialog) SSME under Eclipse, use the update site


The sources of the SSME environment, useful for the developpers, are distributed in the following archive: POP_SSME-src-1.1.tar.gz.

Testing your environment

To test your SSME installation, you can donwnload the Examples. Under Eclipse, import them as "General->Existing Project into Workspace".


Consult, under Eclipse, the inline help ("Help->Help Contents->Pop Documentation").

Previous versions

The oldest versions have been archived. Contact us if you want some of them.